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Paper(PVC) sticking line

It can be used for sticking PVC, decorative paper, paint paper and luxuriant paper on the surface of different board material.


1) Independent dust cleaning device, glue spreading device, heating and drying device, paper sticking device, paper cutting device, cold and hot press device, twice tension device.

2) All the upper press rollers adopt pneumatic lifting, which is suitable for sticking material such as PVC and decorative paper and basic material with different thickness.

3) Trim the edge of the finished product during the production. So it is suitable for large scale of manufacturers.

4) Advanced digital full-automatic technology and easy to operate.

5) Particular stepless speed regulatic, efficiency is much higher than the similar products.


Model: TZ1350F Worktable size:
Overall dimensions: Total power: 0
Vacuum: Weight: