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    Qingdao Golden Universe supplys a wide range of products and services to meet customers needs. We specialize in making and supplying machines and solar -energy product such as Sliding table saw, Edge banding machines, Membrane presser,Vacuum press machine, ,Sander, circular saws,Grinding machines, Planers, Thicknesser,Milling machine, Sticking paper line, Spraying machine, Painting booth, Paint drying mahine, Routers, CNC router,Finger jointers, Glue spreaders,Solar street lighting, Solar garden lighting. Qingdao Golden Universe has four branch factories and has a strong and professional team to serve you. Quality production is the first in our corporation. The production of these products and services accords with accurate quality standards . We will be one of your best options
We feels confident to understand and care about your actual needs. So please send us your specific requirements and comments, and we would like to make out better solutions for your expectations. We provides perfect after-sales service with professional technological abilities.
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Qingdao Golden Universe
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